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Private Tantra Sessions

A Truly Beautiful & Precious Sacred Space


Each private tantra session is a sacred space for the heart.

A sacred space where we work gently together

And focus, connecting with healing, sharing and exploring

whatever you need at that moment


We may resolve many fears and their numbness,

disolve emotional wounds and their pain,

or access the wisdom and peace of your heart

awaken the creative desires of your soul

'til you feel whole and centered again


Tantra sessions are a workplace for change

through healing, release, empowerment and learning,

playfulness, passion, motivation, relaxation and peace.


Each session is entirely individual in nature

specifically tailored to the needs of each person or couple involved.

Each session lasts one and a half hours

and can take many different forms depending on what’s required at the time.


We might concentrate on gentle movement and exercise

to awaken body energy or release blocked emotions.


We might explore a key issue with breath work

or the subtle miraculous healing of sound.


Sometimes sessions work entirely on receiving

filled with deep relaxation and pampering routines.


Tantra Yoga Ireland private session


There's just so many avenues and approaches we can use

For instance, there's ...

Guided Spiritual Healing and Sharing

Pinpointing and disolving Limiting Beliefs:

Inner Child Work and Emotional Release

Energy Body Chakra Awakening, Clearing, and Balancing

Empowered Visualization for Goals and Desires

Release from Past Traumas by resolving repressed emotions in the body

Motivation for Confidence, Positive Body Image and Life Skills

Clearing for guilt, fear of intimacy, gloom and self judgment.


And there's so many changes which may happen for you,

For example, you may.......

Discover the self-realization that celebrates both body and spirit

Become more joyful, creative, radiant, and open-hearted in every way

Resolve the frustration that there's "something missing" in your relationships or elsewhere in your life

Heal and release the emotional armoring that keeps you from fully loving and being loved

Learn how to simply ask for what you want

Stay long term healthy, youthful and energized

Open new possibilities

Feel beautiful and radiant

Discover different ways of relating with others

Experience renewed love and passion in all that you do

Create the solid foundations of long lasting happiness

Rekindle vitality, sensuality, laughter and fun


Undertaking this work is your gift to you

For it opens your heart to greater love,

your body to greater passion,

your mind to greater living awareness

and your entire being to more presence and energy and peace on all levels


Each session is unique and specific to you,

to your individuality,

your interests and needs,

assisting your progress on the path to your personal development goals.


click above to listen to an interview with Joe Mullally of Tantra Yoga Ireland

on Authentic Love and Relationship.

(SOURCE: Interview with Marie Angeline Lascaux on Dublin City FM Radio)


This site carries a wealth of insight and information

dedicated to the simple natural joy of living from the heart

We encourage you to live life to the full,

being true to YOU, celebrating your nature and beauty in whatever brings you happiness


The ANAM Holistic Center is a rural retreat Nature and Tantra Yoga workshop space,

offering a wide variety of tantric yoga relationship & spiritual development programs,

including private sessions, mentoring and support for both individual & couples.

We are happy to accompany you on your personal journey

reclaiming and reawakening

the unique exquisite individual sacredness

of YOU.






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