Tantric Loving Relationships - Relationship Healing in Ireland

Tantric Loving Relationships - Relationship Healing in Ireland

Tantric Loving Relationships

Life becomes soul full simple & free

when your heart delights most in those infinite things that cannot be measured

When your dreams find a home in the heart of another

there's double delight in visions shared together


Embracing a love that's truly NEW

brings trembling on the threshold

for you have no past experience to say that it's ok!!

Our most unexpected friendships

gleefully remind us

how trust & love bring much more fun to life

than giving in to our fears


Each quiet space you share with those close to you,

gives love the room in which to flourish naturally

Then our individual heart songs arise together,

and enrich the mighty symphony of all life

Loving Relationships

In the beautiful intimacy between man & woman, all nature falls in love

The most awesome strength of loving arms isn't in their shoulders

it's in the beloved warmth you feel as soon as they enfold you

And have you ever noticed ...

that when love begins to claim your heart

each thought, each step, each move and touch becomes a living meditation



totally sprinkled in flaws

each one precious & beautiful

for they're all key ingredients co-creating who we are

And Nobody else IS your happiness

your loving relationships are exquisite opportunities

to SHARE and explore all the happiness

you already know you are

And so often, the eyes convey the essence of our heart,

saying many things mere words just cannot say


When two hearts in love whisper playfully together

intimacy is sharing what words could never express


the simple truth is that

our most personal intimate moments

can only ever be truly shared with another

heart to heart

So the most wonderful friendships open up in playful hearts which truly listen.

For loving relationship is not some measured thing in taking & giving

love shares all things openly like a child laughing

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(SOURCE: Interview with Marie Angeline Lascaux on Dublin City FM Radio)


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