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Tantric Meditation


Tantra teaches the way of living meditation

In tantra, Meditation can be active or passive in nature.

Either way the quality remains the same..

For in truth Meditation is simply the stilling of the mind.

And whether you are sitting or walking about

if your mind is quiet and still, then meditation IS.

In as much as your mind is moving from one thing to another and then another

then meditation IS NOT.


When the mind ceases it's chattering and you become quiet inside,

all time stands still

and you are truly and completely present in 'this moment'


Once your mind begins to move from subject to subject once more,

you are back in time again.


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When the mind ceases movement you experience eternity

When the mind resumes movement you experience time.


Meditation is not something you can 'make yourself do'

like sleep, it is a state 'you fall into'

So the best you can do is to create peace and quiet around you

then wait patiently and watch and let it happen.


Simply sitting still and focusing on the breath is good,

or total absorbtion in nature or in a work of art.

Whatever takes you away beyond the mind

THERE all thought dissolves in meditation

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