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Tantra Yoga Ireland

The Number One Resource Centre in Ireland for traditional & tantric healing, relationship workshops, self development courses, private sessions and one to one mentoring for over 15 years. Based in Blessington, Co. Wicklow and Tralee, Co. Kerry. Run by Joe Mullally  




Sli Na Bande

A versatile community, offering services in yoga, psychoanalysis, sustainable living education, Shamanic ceremonies, and a different way of life. Run by Marlene and Douglas ffrench Mullen  


Fiona Daly

Fiona's aim through her work is to enable clients to open to the possibilities available to them in life, to reach into their potential and find fullfillment in the process.
?Fiona is a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist and certified Couples Counsellor, holding a Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling.


Burren Yoga & Meditation Centre

Award winning Yoga Retreats & Yoga Holidays Centre. Authentic Yoga & Meditation retreats founded in 1999, based in The Burren, Co Clare



Guides to tantric sex and tantra, including tantra practices with links to various international tantric teachers or temples, ancient goddesses, spiritual centers, art resources and magazines


Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute

Artist, Tantrika & Spiritual Teacher, Dawn follows the Tantric Tradition - the joining of the spiritual and the physical as a path to enlightenment. She has worked with individuals, couples and children for nearly 20 years teaching self-acceptance, loving relationship, and the healing powers of art.


The Osho Experience

Meditation, the Science of the Inner. Site dedicated to the teachings of this world renowned spiritual teacher. .


Daniel Odier

The wonderful Tantra Yoga website of Daniel Odier ....



Official site for spiritual teacher Bernie Prior in New Zealand, his teachings on Spiritual Human Evolution



The life works of Australian teacher Barry Long encompassing all aspects of the spiritual life from meditation to raising children, from cosmic consciousness to making love.


Tantra Sacred Loving Spiritual Sex from 4 Freedoms... ...

4 Freedoms Tantra features spiritual loving, sacred sex: workshops, articles, coaching about Tantra and sex in general ...




click above to listen to an interview with Joe Mullally of Tantra Yoga Ireland

on Authentic Love and Relationship.

(SOURCE: Interview with Marie Angeline Lascaux on Dublin City FM Radio)


This site carries a wealth of insight and information

dedicated to the simple natural joy of living from the heart

We encourage you to live life to the full,

being true to YOU, celebrating your nature and beauty in whatever brings you happiness


The ANAM Holistic Center is a rural retreat Nature and Tantra Yoga workshop space,

offering a wide variety of tantric yoga relationship & spiritual development programs,

including private sessions, mentoring and support for both individual & couples.

We are happy to accompany you on your personal journey

reclaiming and reawakening

the unique exquisite individual sacredness

of YOU.






Tantra Teacher

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The Healer's Secret bookShamanic Drumming CD tantra in ireland

Tantric Sex Authentic sexuality and sensuality

Tantric Massage The loving gift of authentic sensual touch




The ANAM Centre, Manor Kilbride, Blessington, County Wicklow, Ireland.
And Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
Phone: (+353) 86 8156609      email:joe@anamspirit.com
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